Becoming a Member

This Coule Be You!Yes, there is room for one more singer in the chorus.

Each month the Coulee Chordsmen conduct an open house-audition program for men who like to sing. You and your friends are invited to attend one of these sessions to experience the harmony and fellowship of the chorus.

For additional information call 608-780-SING(7464).


If you like to sing we encourage you to consider joining the Chordsmen. If you can sing a melody in tune, you are qualified to sing with the chorus. There are four parts to barbershop harmony—tenor, lead (melody), bass, and baritone. You will be placed in a section related to your voice range.

The first step is to attend a rehearsal to experience the harmony of the music and structure of the rehearsals. The chapter requires that a potential member attend three consecutive rehearsals before requesting an application. The application provides information used for mailings and communications.


The La Crosse Coulee Chordsmen Chapter is part of the Land O Lakes District of The Barbershop Harmony Society. Dues for the year are $136. Dues are distributed among the three organizations—the chapter, the district, and the society.

Scholarship support is available based on individual needs.


The chapter provides sheet music, as well as learning cd’s, for the ten to twelve songs in the repertoire each year. A tuxedo and accessories are also provided by the chapter. The chapter pays registration fees at district conventions, contests, workshops, and meetings.

Fellowship and Family

As of the summer 2018, the chapter has 52 members. Eight live in distant communities and two or three work on rhearsal night and are unable to attend, but maintain their ties to the chapter.  During the year there are two family events, as summer picnic and the Annual Awards and Installation Banquet in December.  Following our spring annual show and summer concert members and family and friends attend the after glow held in local resturants.